It’s actually very easy: Buy what you can afford and need.

Everyone has something (or a lot of things) that you don’t need or have never used in the last 6 months, go into the storeroom and throw them away.

There are many things that you probably don’t need nowadays. I mean a watch? Really? Your phone is on your hand all the time, what’s the big deal to take a look there. Another shoe for leisure? Really? You can’t just wear the jogging shoe on your shelf? Hell, I even think facial foam wash is a waste considering I can just soap up my face with soap I used on my body.

A Macbook cost $1000, but you don’t have it, then don’t buy it, use what you already have or buy one that you can afford.

Besides a property and possibly a vehicle, I don’t see there is any need to take up a loan. Both of those are considered a large amount, the rest is just a small amount that you don’t need a loan or get into debt just because.

It’s always plus and minus, that’s it. You plus a laptop you minus money; you plus the money you minus time, and so on.

Relax about Gutenberg

I tried to find some issue that I may face with Gutenberg, especially the launching date is drawing near. What I found was… Nothing.

Yes, you get a lot of search result from Google, but those are way technical for the majority of WordPress end-users. The irony is that these majority WordPress end-users are the one that freaks out instead of developers.

Here is the real issue, Gutenberg doesn’t alter your theme or content in any way, the great things about Gutenberg is it included “Classic” editor, and this editor going to house your current content before updating to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg already takes care of your existing content, so there is really nothing at all to worry about if you are simply an end-users. Only developers such as theme or plugins that needed some adjustment.

If you find an issue with your theme and Gutenberg content, well, simply add the “Classic” editor block and you’re back on track.

While I’m not a fan of any laptop type, as long as the laptop fixed my preferences and need, I’m good to go.

So far, all the laptops I used are upgraded because they are too old (at least 5 years). So I never really encounter any laptop fixing issue. I mean with a little optimization and app, a laptop usually works just well.

2016 was a great year for me to upgrade a MacBook 12 inch. I love it, portable enough and got enough resources to do all my task in my job. I mean what else can I ask for. Back then, nothing comes close to its portability, though now there are a lot more options for this kind of portability.

3 months in, the main board was burst, so I got it replaced. I have learned my backup since viruses were the common issue, so no biggy. But the issue I have with this bursting is the travel I need to go through, waiting time without a laptop, sharing a laptop with my wife. That is the real issue.

A few months back keyboard keys pop up, manage to stick it back in. Now, just after my warranty was over, another key stuck. Well, time to have another fixing.

This is the laptop that needed most fixing I have ever had. So get something else but this. speedtest

That’s the Internet speed I get for paying RM220 per month that promised me 50mbps. Luckily, my job is now cutting down to support and update more than upload and download, and at least it’s still working.

So the election is very very near now, I do not want to get involved into the politic in Malaysia, because it’s all about name-calling and some half and untrue news.

Really, go do some research on all the news you see on Facebook or any news media, you will get a bigger picture than the report you read.

When one starts to speak about politic, at least in Malaysia here, you are either one of us or one of them. There is no in between or fence-sitter as they said. Everyone mind is that you must have someone you support, and weird thing is, if you are not supporting whatever they are supporting, you are uninformed, misinformed, misled and misguided.

There is actually no healthy debate/argument you can have with your friend if you have a different idea of government and/or politic with them. Not even with a stranger on social media sites. All ones can get is a name calling replied and that keeps going on.

I’m probably much better focusing on my tasks on hand than reading that news. There will always be a result of an election, this one is no different. Whatever the result may be, as always, life goes on.

Election means we all living in a better World, where everyone suddenly become so considerate. Everyone is talking about how taking the step to save the country or even our children and grandchildren.

I mean, we can’t even give way when driving in a junction. We all go with “I go first, you go whatever” attitude, suddenly, it changed to “Let’s go together” attitude when it comes to an election.

To be honest, to build a better country, first start with your attitude. An election is not a magic wand, with a spell and suddenly everything is fine.

Traffic jam will not be resolved without driver attitude; a queue will not be proper without people’s attitude; corruption will not be resolved without people’s integrity. All these have nothing to do with an election.

Stop thinking how to change the country, change your attitude before you want to do something bigger than yourself.

So it comes again, migrating and start fresh again for my blog. It’s been numerous time I restart my blog, this domain name has been with me for the longest time. From college to now a family with a kid. Registered in 2004.

I migrated to Tumblr couple years back, thinking I can get a simpler solution and don’t need to host anything. Well, I was, somehow, wrong. Tumblr has the worst on both speed and SEO (more on this later), the good thing is, I get to start over after sink to the lowest ranking on this domain.

Let me see where can I take this blog to, for my personal experiment.