The news of people being sold to some place and work as a slaves/illegal/scammers has been around for a long time now. A lot of countries government has some sort of initiative to help curb the issue. We have our banks and radio to tell us.

When a company is big enough, anything they do will get accepted by their fans. Google for example, then Apple too, Microsoft maybe? Well, it seems to be happening to political party too. They can place anyone there because there are people going to vote them in no matter who. You get the idea.

Some states election is near, just as Internet saying – 认真你就输了. Take their word as pinch of salt and feel free to make fun of their words, it means nothing.

Listen to the radio public service announcement, you’ll know why it’s hard for the country to move forward. From smile to people, to put back the chair, to not using mobile phone while driving. How do you think the country can move forward if we need common sense announcement.

I am so done with the latest Windows and it’s Bluetooth thing. Always having issue connecting, this happen since Windows 10.

This decade haven’t been nice to the property market as I see it. The raise is very slow if any, the demand though, is fine. However, since it’s a slow market, it’s really not a good investment, even if you rent it out (only option if you go with speculating price).