This decade haven’t been nice to the property market as I see it. The raise is very slow if any, the demand though, is fine. However, since it’s a slow market, it’s really not a good investment, even if you rent it out (only option if you go with speculating price).

Turning on window effect to slow down my mental. I like quick, but nothing is really quick so far, instead join the steady group. Feel the eye candy effect, let it be…

Turning back to Google Chrome now that it stated to “use less memory”. Microsoft Edge is still having issue with video, every time scroll to a video (without playing), it will just hang there and none responsive for a moment. Have been using like that for months and no improvement yet, reported twice too.

Drive up to Genting is literally the only way to test a car horse power in Malaysia.

The best way to backup is to copy the files to an external storage. It’s the simplest and oldest way, which also work 99% of the time. Even online storage is not 100% safe and works 100% of the time. Don’t need to go setup NAS, open this port, install that OS bla bla bla. Simplify your life bro…

YouTube doesn’t work well with Microsoft Edge browser. I thought a large multi-billion corporate wouldn’t do that, but apparently they did. Only Google Chrome browser runs best.