The best way to backup is to copy the files to an external storage. It’s the simplest and oldest way, which also work 99% of the time. Even online storage is not 100% safe and works 100% of the time. Don’t need to go setup NAS, open this port, install that OS bla bla bla. Simplify your life bro…

YouTube doesn’t work well with Microsoft Edge browser. I thought a large multi-billion corporate wouldn’t do that, but apparently they did. Only Google Chrome browser runs best.

Instead of folding phone, a dual screens is much better, at least they are more multitasking friendly. Microsoft should hang it there with their surface dual. Those folding screen is not going to last long, anything direct folding isn’t going to last long.

Actually the Photos app is not that bad. At least the simplest things like adjusting item photos for sell are easier. Don’t need PS anymore… It can do almost everything I did with PS with a photo now. Need to explore more simple app like this.

Can’t believe it took me so long to know AdGuard. Works well enough (one or two ad on YouTube), so one less browser add-on.

You can promise everything under the sky, but when there is no stability, everything is just moo-point. Sure I know how to do calculation on the speed and how fast it will download something. But those are in perfect stability, which we never had.