So the election is very very near now, I do not want to get involved into the politic in Malaysia, because it’s all about name-calling and some half and untrue news.

Really, go do some research on all the news you see on Facebook or any news media, you will get a bigger picture than the report you read.

When one starts to speak about politic, at least in Malaysia here, you are either one of us or one of them. There is no in between or fence-sitter as they said. Everyone mind is that you must have someone you support, and weird thing is, if you are not supporting whatever they are supporting, you are uninformed, misinformed, misled and misguided.

There is actually no healthy debate/argument you can have with your friend if you have a different idea of government and/or politic with them. Not even with a stranger on social media sites. All ones can get is a name calling replied and that keeps going on.

I’m probably much better focusing on my tasks on hand than reading that news. There will always be a result of an election, this one is no different. Whatever the result may be, as always, life goes on.