It’s actually very easy: Buy what you can afford and need.

Everyone has something (or a lot of things) that you don’t need or have never used in the last 6 months, go into the storeroom and throw them away.

There are many things that you probably don’t need nowadays. I mean a watch? Really? Your phone is on your hand all the time, what’s the big deal to take a look there. Another shoe for leisure? Really? You can’t just wear the jogging shoe on your shelf? Hell, I even think facial foam wash is a waste considering I can just soap up my face with soap I used on my body.

A Macbook cost $1000, but you don’t have it, then don’t buy it, use what you already have or buy one that you can afford.

Besides a property and possibly a vehicle, I don’t see there is any need to take up a loan. Both of those are considered a large amount, the rest is just a small amount that you don’t need a loan or get into debt just because.

It’s always plus and minus, that’s it. You plus a laptop you minus money; you plus the money you minus time, and so on.