Not sure if the statistic is believable. But my opinion is: 1, the economy is fully opened, there is really no urgency on having a website up and keep running it, go out meet your clients. This is the least worry though. 2, too many WYSIWYG services available, WordPress has not done good job on […]

Yes, put the WEBP on hold. There is no need for the rush, I don’t see how these WEBM or WEBP is stable yet. Wait it out until everyone is ready. There are too many issue on WEBP plugins as well, if you have such plugin, disable it.

What’s the point of having quick links at the footer when your site is on infinite load? Why infinite load?

If you are using a good hosting and yet your site score very low, then optimize it. WordPress needs a lot of optimization, no one plugin fit all host.

I don’t really see how a theme can speed up a website. There are a lot of aspects to look into a website speed, a theme itself don’t really make a lot of different.

When Gutenberg was first introduced, it was a big hit with all the tutorials and shit. Then now with Full Site Editor using the exact same thing, there are still tons of tutorials (not those tips and tricks workaround and stuff) on how to use Gutenberg. Maybe Gutenberg itself is not user friendly enough.

The website is going to be running your business 24/7, get a decent hosting package, don’t get the cheapest one on the list. Trust me, WordPress is a resources monster, the cheapest one don’t work. Your business should be decent or better, at least get a decent host.