While I’m not a fan of any laptop type, as long as the laptop fixed my preferences and need, I’m good to go.

So far, all the laptops I used are upgraded because they are too old (at least 5 years). So I never really encounter any laptop fixing issue. I mean with a little optimization and app, a laptop usually works just well.

2016 was a great year for me to upgrade a MacBook 12 inch. I love it, portable enough and got enough resources to do all my task in my job. I mean what else can I ask for. Back then, nothing comes close to its portability, though now there are a lot more options for this kind of portability.

3 months in, the main board was burst, so I got it replaced. I have learned my backup since viruses were the common issue, so no biggy. But the issue I have with this bursting is the travel I need to go through, waiting time without a laptop, sharing a laptop with my wife. That is the real issue.

A few months back keyboard keys pop up, manage to stick it back in. Now, just after my warranty was over, another key stuck. Well, time to have another fixing.

This is the laptop that needed most fixing I have ever had. So get something else but this.