Yes, things are more costly now. Here is the thing, we can squeeze something out, eat less outside, change the broadband plan, unsubscribe a streaming service etc., but we all pretend we shouldn’t and can’t be doing it, because nobody want to step down the ladder in life, it’s embarrassing.

I don’t understand, you choose to go to private school, right? What does government has to do with it, or even pay for it? My taxes are not to pay for your choice too.

Change some ceiling lights, plaster dust allergic, throat reacted, fever came into fight then coughing and running nose to flu. Please make it less than a week now…

Everything always come back to basic. It’s the marketing that make the factor. Depending on how you use the tool, the tool itself always do basic stuff. Thermomix, water filter, vehicles, computer, programming etc etc.

No, don’t keep saying about public transport and cycling shit. It’s not going to help the traffic one bit. You’re not going to take public transport even if it’s on time, what you want is freedom to go anywhere at anytime at any place. Cycling at such weather 365 days, really?

All page builder will get some extra CSS or DIV just in case. So if you’re using one, deal with it. Complaint to one page builder doesn’t make another not the same.

This is a good plugin, it should be used on your own site. WordPress undeniably memory hogging and waste of space when it comes to media or even database if you will. But the overall eco-system just don’t allow you to play with whatever default WordPress has, such as media sizes or even the cronjob. Unless it’s your own site and you know what you’re doing.

Yes, in short, WordPress are getting more and more complex and complicated for beginner. No, Gutenberg editor is not helping yet.