The website is going to be running your business 24/7, get a decent hosting package, don’t get the cheapest one on the list. Trust me, WordPress is a resources monster, the cheapest one don’t work. Your business should be decent or better, at least get a decent host.

To be able to drive a car, you need to go get a license. You also don’t go to car dealer for driving license. You need time to learn new things, nobody is responsible for the time you takes to learn it. So take the time and learn the new thing before you go bug anyone who talk to you.

All these talk about AGM and community comes down to one thing – Money. Everyone just want to know how much there is and pray that there is no increase on management/sinking fee. When it comes to time to take a look at the area, it suddenly become exclusively office job. I mean you can take 5 minutes to smoke, take a walk while you smoking and you’ll see a lot. Volunteering is not a la carte, take the full responsibility or none at all.

I’m mostly on Instagram and YouTube nowadays. The information there are quick and to short enough that Facebook cannot catch up, at least from my experience. The Internet World is just keep evolving and update so quickly, there is no wonder kids are into YouTube than traditional TV channel.

WordPress is a product built for mass market, hence it will load a lot of stuff even if the resources aren’t used by your website. So by default, you cannot really get 100% score on web metric site. However, adding plugins will also bring down the score too. It’s just egg and chicken situation, relax a bit on metric, get a score that pass like in high school but built your content instead.

I can definitely understand it takes a lot of time and trial, error just to create documentation for one product. However, majority layman don’t care about documentation, they just don’t read, even thought their Facebook page keep sharing about the benefit of reading. Oh ya, email just skim over.

After changing a med-high premium modem, the Internet seems to be much better. These mesh stuff are just gimmick to get you pay more, a normal house will not need mesh, a good modem will do.