Guru = I have no experience, but I know the “theory” and can talk a hell lot. If you can’t do it, it’s your fault, not mine, my “theory” is perfect.

There should be a regulation to prevent sales suggest repayment plan for customers. Sales person are mostly asshole. First of all, they changed job without notice, so you are left with whoever takes over if any. Secondly, all those sales talk are mostly bullshit.

WordPress cannot not load some legacy Javascript or CSS, this is a mass market application, it needs to cater to all version. Trust me, many are not updating anything in their dashboard, let alone WordPress version update. These legacy scripts and styles are what seems to be pulling down WordPress and eating up resources for no reason for minority users.

Why would you want what vehicles are in the accident? It has nothing to do with you at all. Drive! You dumb dumb.

Question to know if you have plan B: If you’re not doing what you do for living now, what would you do? Honestly, I don’t know.

Just notice that I haven’t reset, reinstall, format my Windows so far. Still running the Windows out of the box since I purchase the laptop. Upgraded to Windows 11, uninstall other bloatware from the brand. I guess there are improvement from Microsoft. Side note, I’ve been using Macbook Air and Macbook for the past 5 years before this Windows laptop.

It’s a great irony to know that many security plugins has vulnerability issue from time to time. It’s time to actually research and find one that actually work well most of the time.