Taipei, Taiwan

There are times when vacation with work is fun. But this time it isn’t. No, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy myself very much on this vacation period, it is the working time that I don’t enjoy.

I always work while vacationing, so it’s not a bummer for me, in fact, it gives me something to do instead of sitting around doing nothing.

I’m not sure if it is because all the Internet speed I get while at home (running 100mbps Maxis home fibre), I cannot stand unstable and slow connection (more on this later) anymore.

First upgraded from Streamyx 1mbps to Unifi 10mbps, it was a life-changing period, when I bump up to Unifi 30mbps and get an upgrade 2 months later to 50mbps, I was high, but, it was not as stable as 30mbps though.

So I recently upgraded to Maxis home fibre 100mbps, it was another life-changing, as in saving my time on work. result

Here I get unstable 10mbps, and it is frustrating for me. Maybe I’m just too pampered…