Brave Browser

A browser about privacy and fast, why not?! Still trying it out – Brave Browser.

Actually it just disable a lot of website features, just like ad blocker, but built-in. There are some issue with some website, such as PayPal is sometime inaccessible.

There is a mobile version as well, I removed it from my mobile phone already. It is super lagging on mobile, and it hang from time to time when you switch back to the browser.

Hell, it load website faster than Google Chrome. Too bad it does’t sync with Google, so it will create another user for Brave community, which I’m not signing up for.

I try to use whatever it offer, especially on the privacy part.

I believe I will go back to Google Chrome soon, but so far, I just love the website loading speed this browser provide.

Update: Removed this browser, kind of buggy. It gets really lag after a long period of usage.