That’s right, people are dicks. Which lend me to choose my current lifestyle and keep social interaction to a minimum.


It’s not like I’m keeping myself caged though, I just prefer to silently look at the scene instead of being in the scene.

You see, I do have some WhatsApp group, and some investment-related one. It taught me more than I should know, and now I know why my boy is happy all the time.

First of all, investors (or some would say boss or rich people) are dicks. At such a time instead of making sure everyone can stays afloat, their mind are more into taking the most they can. Property, for example, there are some market prices as we all. At this kind of time, they joined together and making sure they can jack up the price instead of slow down their greed.

Next time when you start saying your boss this and that and how stingy they are, remember that one day, you might be the one who squeezing some stranger out for your own value just like your boss did.