I believe I have get used to long journey drive, I can drive around 3 hours without stopping. I used to drive around 1 hour max, that’s a huge step for me. But I still not ready for the traffic jam here, seriously, traffic jam is very very frustrating, when you see and know that it was causes by the driver themselves.

So far I’m only relief that there is no need to keep scanning the MySejahtera. I’m fine to scan once, but when I’m in the mall, why would I keep scanning for each stores? They are all within the mall anyway.

It’s a very very fast century now. Everything is very fast, information so quick the news reporting is always one step behind another stranger in social media. That is the same with movies. I lost count how many drama series I abandon after finishing season 1 and season 2 is years later. Unless the studio build hype around it, I will totally forgotten the drama.

Majority of time, changes start from yourself. Not from government, not from your office, your boss, your friend, the idiot on the road.

I don’t need your apology or thank you. I just need you to go when I give way, or when I was blocked and honked you to move your car. Stop wasting time to nod your head/raise your hand, just go.

Just to note, any domestic flight (less than 3 hours) costing more than RM1000 is too much, period. It’s a domestic flight, local flight dude.

Nice to hear: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur.
Not nice to hear: I want to be boss.