When vacation with work

Taipei, Taiwan

There are times when vacation with work is fun. But this time it isn’t. No, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy myself very much on this vacation period, it is the working time that I don’t enjoy.

I always work while vacationing, so it’s not a bummer for me, in fact, it gives me something to do instead of sitting around doing nothing.

I’m not sure if it is because all the Internet speed I get while at home (running 100mbps Maxis home fibre), I cannot stand unstable and slow connection (more on this later) anymore.

First upgraded from Streamyx 1mbps to Unifi 10mbps, it was a life-changing period, when I bump up to Unifi 30mbps and get an upgrade 2 months later to 50mbps, I was high, but, it was not as stable as 30mbps though.

So I recently upgraded to Maxis home fibre 100mbps, it was another life-changing, as in saving my time on work.

fast.com result

Here I get unstable 10mbps, and it is frustrating for me. Maybe I’m just too pampered…

Spending fortune for touch up

That’s the reality of being Malaysian. We all ended up paying, fixing more than we should be. The reason the quality of service is so damn lousy is not that the provider having the issue with skills, but the issue with their attitude.

Here is my personal story of this touch-up and ended up spending a fortune. Weeks ago (mind you), I went to a car paint shop to get some paint touch-up on some scratches from highway debris, it took him a week to do the touch-up.

Fixing car paint

When I get my car, a few issues arose, mainly my windshield scratches, bad! Including driver side window too. Then the touch-up wasn’t up to standard and leaving epoxy seen below the clear coat. Also included are the orange peel all over some small spots. Oh, I almost forgot, the front grill of my car was chrome, and still in original shape, they ruined it with paint thinner.

I requested to re-touch-up those spots and have him fix the grill that he causes it and not in the list of the touch-up.

I ended up wasting a day to fix the touch-up and a week for the front grill to fix. Instead of fixing the issue, he dares added more issue for me, the end product is just not up to any standard.

I did think about having him re-do all the shit, but with such attitude, I’m afraid it will not only take a lot of time, but it will also ruin more of my car, which I already changed the windshield, seeing how he keep trying to avoid about windshield and questioning me about my wiper.

Coating car

Yes, I am very protective of my car. I take care of my car as much as I can. I mean, it’s not easy to own a car. When you have it, take care of it as it should. In fact, I take care of every belonging I owned.

I announce I’m losing this shit game because Malaysia doesn’t really protect the consumer, consumers are to pay all fee up front and the provider can do whatever they want without promising anything, and they do not dare to promise anything too. This reminded me of the exact story about my flooring remodelling back in the day with my house.

I don’t believe he doesn’t have the skill, but the attitude of “it’s not mine” from providers in Malaysian speak louder than taking care of your item. This is just the reality, consumer organization will take years just to act.

I wonder if this is the exact reason why some international brand loves Malaysia so much. They can get away with practically any issue with consumers.

I think I smell bullsh*t

Yup, that’s what I’m facing every day for months. Now, this guy came out telling me to be more patient and cool.

It’s not exactly a good job from what I see here. Let me see if I can let you smell the bullsh*t.

First of all, you are the local Councilor in this community/area. So it is hard for me to think that you don’t go through this roundabout as I did. Last week was exactly the same exact situation, and that doesn’t ring a bell for you? I don’t know how busy a person can be, but going through such road should be easily noticeable.

Secondly, if you are not from around here, what and how did you make it to become the local Councilor in this community/area?

Thirdly, if last 2 weeks you don’t see any issue, it can only mean you convinced that it can be done within 2 weeks time. So why extend it for a month? 31 days? Yet, why are you refuse to tell us who the contractor(s) are? I mean this is a public work, the public deserves to know who the hell is the contractor(s) that can manage to get past you for such a long long time. I think I smell more bullsh*t than I need to.

This is the exact problem with authority people. They all think that their wording is such powerful, and a lot of lambs will be following and listen to everything they say and support them, just because they came out from time to time.

Chinese New Year

Well this is one of the hectic Chinese New Year I’ve ever been, or so. I think rebel teenage year would be much more hectic, but now, I do not have the stamina for such trips and days for holidays.

Yes, it is just a holiday for an adult.

Phuket, Thailand 2019

First, we went to Phuket for a quick getaway. After wife nagging me for not travelling for years after our son’s birthday.

Kuching, Sarawak 2019

After Phuket trip, a one day rest at home and we went to Kuching for another quick getaway. Well, it was impromptu actually, we didn’t plan to go to Kuching after the Phuket trip. But mom called, all sibling going to Kuching this year, so I guess a family gathering should be in the card.

The bad news is, the MacBook is acting up again. I know, what a little thot! This time the battery warning came out, and while I tried to do an SMC reset, it refused to boot up. It’s lay in the hotel room for the whole Kuching trip and I’m working on an iPad.

Everything is offensive nowadays

Photo by Murilo Folgosi from Pexels

Yes, everything is offensive. Every single word is offensive as well. Nowadays, people learning too many words and putting too much emotion on wording.

Try those common swear word, or any swear words and everyone getting offended.

I grew up in a household that speaks swear word. As you know, these words are enhancing wording to help emphasize a certain situation. So we all know it’s just word to help the sentence. What is the big deal of it? The whole family speaks about it.

Now? Because we keep those words aside for far too long, when you use one of those words, people get offended. Remember:

Sticks and stones may break my bones. But words can never hurt me.

Learn to use that shit!