It’s a great irony to know that many security plugins has vulnerability issue from time to time. It’s time to actually research and find one that actually work well most of the time.

What you see is what you get editor has been so long, most document editors are using such features to make sure you can see what you are doing, sound simple. You see everything that you’ll be getting while you’re working on it. There are just too many idiot don’t know how to work on it, so they can’t see what they’re getting, hence the issue.

I cannot seems to find any other tricks than a cache/optimization plugin. WordPress and its plugins are just adding too much resources into it. There should be a way WordPress load according to pages itself, there shouldn’t be any plugins to help it, it’s been years we know that WordPress has been loading everything and hogging the server resources.

Be unbiased on all things outside your immediate relations (though there is exception). Be it your new friends, your new company, your new gadget etc. It’s disgusting when you’re trying to “clean” others.

Social media has make people a busybody. Everyday there is something that none of anybody business on the list. Oh, it make people unfriendly as well. Just because people don’t see you doesn’t mean you can be rude.

Played and understanded the Gutenberg widget now. But not planning to release it for the themes yet. I don’t think it’s a good idea yet for such editor on a sidebar. There is this little annoying thing on Gutenberg, the shifting elements when clicked and menu appearing. Not sure if developers even look into such tiny annoyance.

The food price is up, the car wash you used to go price is up, the hourly maid you called price is up. What makes you think your management fee isn’t up? If it’s not ridiculously raised, it’s really normal.