I have answered all your concerns and tell you how it works. I know how it works, because I’ve been using it for decade. Now you listen instead of keep saying the same things.

IT are bound to have bugs, errors happen, downtime happen and etc etc. It’s about how severe it is. I can’t deny this corporate has the worst IT so far and the error is big. But then again, honesty is from within one-self (🤮). So I get to see bugs or honesty win.

Pricing is subjective. One may think such and such price is overpricing and can complaint, but that does not give you the right to bully them.

If you’re so great in stock or forex, why not just list down your investment instead of selling course? Or perhaps, you read too much and want to sell the theory you read?

Went to UTC for a quick license renewal. First time was to order a passport for my kid. Both times they are really quick and easy. Why can’t Putrajaya and PKNS do the same?

Yes, it’s bad to make fun of other’s illness. No, slapping is not the solution. A finger might communicate enough though.

Until we have a better power storage/battery, any electric (even hybrid) car is a high cost item in long term. Don’t believe any shit sales person said about hybrid car.