Being decent human being

It’s so easy to be a decent human being, just turn/scroll/click away. I don’t know why there are people even take the extra miles to do something to show how indecent they are.

A gentleman took the time to download the car cam video and upload to Facebook ranting another driver for not using signal light. Like this doesn’t happen everywhere every time.

A lady took the time to go to Facebook complaint about a newsletter she received instead of click on the unsubscribe link. I mean if you did not subscribe to the newsletter, it won’t send to you for no reason.

A gentleman took 15 minutes complaint about the slippery floor when he casually walked by and slightly slipped (not fall) over the floor, instead of just turn and continue walking.

Everyone encounters some shitty things every day of every moment. Yours are not that special and also, how much attention you actually want from a petty encounters?

The line between discuss and interrogate

I’m fine if you want to discuss something with me. But when you refused to open up with whatever you have and keep asking me questions after questions, then it is not a discussion, it is accusation or interrogation.

If you are ready to have a discussion regarding your issue, go ahead, but let me know the issue. You refuse to let me know anything even if I asked you. You are keeping things from me and telling me that you want to know the truth.

I do not hide the truth, but I certainly don’t tell shit to a stranger. You want to create politic in a group chat, go ahead. I’m not in there to busybody anything, I’m just there to keep up to date of the situation there.

Go ahead, act like innocent little shit and accuse me shit I don’t even know about. World don’t move around you. Oh, smart move adding some wording to create a public perception on your issue about me just because you are ignorant.

Until now I still don’t know what is the exact issue, and I am still the accused.

Macbook Pro repair

4 years and the battery needed to be replace. It seems most Apple product repair guy comes to your home to fix the product instead of you going to their center.

After disassembling the Macbook Pro, we found that the previous fixer did not fix the liquid issue at all, instead it was leave dry there, they don’t even bother to wipe the mark off. Well, missing screw as well.

Sometimes when you get premium stuff, you really need to get premium support as well. There is nothing one-time, even for premium product.

Testing new browser

A browser about privacy and fast, why not?! Still trying it out – Brave Browser.

Actually it just disable a lot of website features, just like ad blocker, but built-in. There are some issue with some website, such as PayPal is sometime inaccessible.

There is a mobile version as well, I removed it from my mobile phone already. It is super lagging on mobile, and it hang from time to time when you switch back to the browser.

Hell, it load website faster than Google Chrome. Too bad it does’t sync with Google, so it will create another user for Brave community, which I’m not signing up for.

I try to use whatever it offer, especially on the privacy part.

I believe I will go back to Google Chrome soon, but so far, I just love the website loading speed this browser provide.

Update: Removed this browser, kind of buggy. It gets really lag after a long period of usage.

YouTube again!

Been watching a lot of YouTube nowadays, WatchMojo, Grunge, Cheddar, TechQuickie, Now You See It and etc.

However, recently, I wanted to learn some proper Mandarin. As my trip to Taiwan give me some thoughts about how bad my Mandarin is. So I subscribed to ChuChuShoe

These are some interesting videos I found. At least it give me some… Incentive (?) to actually hear what he is saying.