The router just went death at midnight. Bought a new mid-range router immediately the morning and brought the old one for warranty. Well, lucky it was a 3 years local warranty. But this new router seems fine too, maybe home use really don’t need such high-end spec router.

“Save money before you buy” lesson is like “look left and right before crossing the road” nowadays, nobody do it. Personal loan and credit card are giving away like candy by the banks and people snatching it like no tomorrow. There is no financial planning anymore eh?

Dropshipping may be a good business, but it’s not a good buy. These sellers has no experience on the product itself, when anything happen, most sellers are lazy to reply you. The same with the production there, they will keep themselves silence as well. Buy from better source.

The one thing about web 3.0 is the password we need to remember. But I still think individual password is the best to go with. If you have issue with password, a master password wouldn’t do anything too isn’t it?

There we go, printing services are in full force, publishing is in full rush, airline tickets are hanging on their servers, payment processors are busy as it gets, almost every businesses are running wild now. Somehow, election seems to help a lot on economic eh?

Influencers/YouTubers are all just like everyone else, work to pay bills. If you in any way think that whatever they said/promoted are truthful, then you are an idiot. Use your own brain, even their life/vlog are as fakes as it gets.

Just uninstalled the Clipchamp that came with the latest Windows 22H2 update. Windows own movie maker works just fine, I think most home user just need some text/title or a transition effect and we can do a lot from there. Instead of improving the app itself, Microsoft added Clipchamp instead. What the hell is that app? Using Internet? Upload my video instead of placing it in the library? It’s just a waste, and not at all useful.