Election means we all living in a better World, where everyone suddenly become so considerate. Everyone is talking about how taking the step to save the country or even our children and grandchildren.

I mean, we can’t even give way when driving in a junction. We all go with “I go first, you go whatever” attitude, suddenly, it changed to “Let’s go together” attitude when it comes to an election.

To be honest, to build a better country, first start with your attitude. An election is not a magic wand, with a spell and suddenly everything is fine.

Traffic jam will not be resolved without driver attitude; a queue will not be proper without people’s attitude; corruption will not be resolved without people’s integrity. All these have nothing to do with an election.

Stop thinking how to change the country, change your attitude before you want to do something bigger than yourself.

So it comes again, migrating and start fresh again for my blog. It’s been numerous time I restart my blog, this domain name has been with me for the longest time. From college to now a family with a kid. Registered in 2004.

I migrated to Tumblr couple years back, thinking I can get a simpler solution and don’t need to host anything. Well, I was, somehow, wrong. Tumblr has the worst on both speed and SEO (more on this later), the good thing is, I get to start over after sink to the lowest ranking on this domain.

Let me see where can I take this blog to, for my personal experiment.