That’s right, people are dicks. Which lend me to choose my current lifestyle and keep social interaction to a minimum.

It’s not like I’m keeping myself caged though, I just prefer to silently look at the scene instead of being in the scene.

You see, I do have some WhatsApp group, and some investment-related one. It taught me more than I should know, and now I know why my boy is happy all the time.

First of all, investors (or some would say boss or rich people) are dicks. At such a time instead of making sure everyone can stays afloat, their mind are more into taking the most they can. Property, for example, there are some market prices as we all. At this kind of time, they joined together and making sure they can jack up the price instead of slow down their greed.

Next time when you start saying your boss this and that and how stingy they are, remember that one day, you might be the one who squeezing some stranger out for your own value just like your boss did.

The large corporates or services that get the most users usually have the most dissatisfied users.

Internet speed

Internet for example. I paid for 100mbps, called for support and get the Internet back on. However, there is this little catch – frequent disconnection and unstable connection. It doesn’t matter which ISP I sign up with, they all have these exact issues. I can’t do anything.


macOS for example. I was told my computer is well equipped with what I do (Email and YouTube or so-called Browsing), now I got a very lagging laptop after 3 years of uses. I can’t do anything.

What I can do is to accept the fact that big corporations will keep doing what they do best – Have you upgrade. There must be some messages within these issues in my life.

Suddenly it becomes something so useful, doesn’t it?

I have been trying to go online meeting for years as I don’t like meetings, it’s a waste of time when there are more than 3 decision-making persons in a room.

I remember back then there is a client who kept asking for meeting almost every day. You know the kind of client who will call you to confirm you received their email replies.

What I don’t understand the reason for “need to show you something”. Word = Word that coming out from your mouth. Show you something = Attachment. So email will suffice.

Until these few months, everyone seems to be just fine with Zoom or email. Some even have a hard time to adapt (really?).

Some times it’s not only appropriate to act as your age, but it is important to act as the current situation as well.

It’s not driving mood/mode now

I know it may be hard to stay at home although I don’t understand, I can agree with your feeling. Currently, it’s in movement restriction order, you’re not supposed to go for a spin in your car. Go to where you should and go home.

It’s not usual shopping hour

Because it’s movement restriction order and not a lockdown, so we get to go out and get the essential. It’s not the time to think about what to buy in the store. Make a list before you come out, pick up, make payment and go home.

The right thing to do now is, make a list and plan your drive. Go, get, pay, home. Just because there is no traffic on the road, you take your time, nobody should be spending a lot of time on the road or in a store.

Quote me this: When the army is on the road, traffic will build up because of these idiots.

Whatever the name is, it’s all comes to one thing – Stay home. It’s just as simple as that, nothing more. When there is nothing to do, stay home instead of walk around the mall.

This is something so simple that one should have been doing it already. Why is there to wait for the government to tell?

Everyone is asking what government going to do, well, a strict check-up is ready, strict travel already imposed. Besides financial aid, I do not see anything the government can do but ourselves, which is, again, stay home.

Now, the financial aid seems disappointing, but it is what you’re looking for, so take it and shut up. Stay home like what the government imposes.

Unsubscribe SOCAR

My email to SOCAR, here is the break down of the event.

Day 1: I wanted to register to SOCAR app, but it just doesn’t upload my identification. So I gave up, I emailed the support (after some search, I went to Facebook, because nothing is working) to get my account removed.

Day 2: Received a follow-up automation email regarding whatever it is the first email. The unsubscribe link doesn’t work, it loop back to my email. So again, I contact the support to get myself removed from their newsletter.

Day 14: Another automation email came. I was pissed, I clicked the unsubscribe link, it work this time. I contact the support again to confirm and get myself out of them.

I understand there will be some hiccup especially on email marketing, but removing an email shouldn’t be that hard to do.

It seems like I’m with government agency. Everything is harder and time consuming with them.

I’m not a car enthusiast, as long as it has wheels and cover me on a rainy day, getting me from point A to point B, I’m good. The car I’m driving is about 7 years old now. I’m not planning to change any time soon, but I do bring up the changing car topic with my wife from time to time.

Nissan Grand Livina

Our first thought was an electric car, which is way too limited in the market. Nissan Leaf is kind of expensive for a small car. I don’t believe building an electric car is so difficult, just look at the success with Tesla car (and numerous electric car in China). There is even a solar-powered car.

The thing is, when people buying a car, they’re looking for fast, horsepower and some shits that a car doesn’t really need. Why would a normal town and highway driving need to pick up 100km/h in 6 seconds or less?

If you look at a car as what it is – transportation. There isn’t really a lot of requirement. In fact, I think if we remove a lot of the so-called “performance”, it will still be a car, a decent car we can drive to the mall and have dinner around town.

As a matter of fact, we should in a way limit a car performance to help combat accidents. Here, where I live, there is one t junction (minor road mind you), so far 5 years of living, I’ve seen 3 major accidents (car flipping).

If there is a solar-powered “normal” car available and within my budget, I will sign up first one, no question asked. I still don’t understand why there isn’t much initiative from our government to import/encourage more electric cars.