No, don’t keep saying about public transport and cycling shit. It’s not going to help the traffic one bit. You’re not going to take public transport even if it’s on time, what you want is freedom to go anywhere at anytime at any place. Cycling at such weather 365 days, really?

All page builder will get some extra CSS or DIV just in case. So if you’re using one, deal with it. Complaint to one page builder doesn’t make another not the same.

This is a good plugin, it should be used on your own site. WordPress undeniably memory hogging and waste of space when it comes to media or even database if you will. But the overall eco-system just don’t allow you to play with whatever default WordPress has, such as media sizes or even the cronjob. Unless it’s your own site and you know what you’re doing.

Yes, in short, WordPress are getting more and more complex and complicated for beginner. No, Gutenberg editor is not helping yet.

If you’re using SiteGround Security plugin, delete it and change another security plugin. Very slow in term of updating in dashboard, very slow.

Social media posts or news ruin one life, we all can agree with that. This trial trying to say it doesn’t, where the hell are those justice warriors?

I know you’re adventurous, but if you are in short of time, get professional helps. Always get professional helps if you are running out of time or not skilled enough. You can be as adventurous as you want if you have the time to play around, if not, go with professional help.

You have no problem writing different type of programming languages, but you have a hard time using another operating system. That’s some bullshit.