United? No, we don’t do that here. Usually we want other people to change so the situation change to better. If it is up to our own, we rather just complaints. So keep those motivating, encouraging speech to yourself, because you ain’t changing yourself too. Unless… Shit hit your fan, not the fan, it needs to be yours.

These is just nuts job from banks. When I have an account and you suggested to open another sub-account, then make sure they work together. My sub-account just keep getting “dormant” and needing to go to bank every 6 / 12 months. I’m still login to the account, just keep all my sub-accounts active.

I think most plugins works with PHP8 now, some may have notification, but I think the backward compatibility works just fine with it. Can’t feel the speed, but it’s good to know we can use the latest version.

Cleanliness is just neatly organized cabinet, table, etc. But whenever there is a table, we tend to just put stuff there for no reason. It’s not easy to keep clean.

The number of rooms you’re looking for dictate how large the property going to be. Don’t give a very low budget while looking for a number of room.

Either my 1920×1080 screen is super, or the effect nowadays are just suck ass. Why is Hollywood going China effort now?

Sarawak is a little state living in their very own bubble. There are so many exciting news and development plans (which I am very proud of it it come true), but nothing to show, yet Sarawak keep saying they are the best state.