Finally, everything is working now, home, sweet home. Internet is something really important at this century, without it, I can’t work, I can’t get entertained, I can’t get news/info and I can’t communicate with anyone.

It’s almost a week in hotel now. Please Maxis/Unifi, please make it work tomorrow.

TCM = Linux, usual chiropractic = Windows, WTTT = Apple. They all do the same exact thing with different pricing. Another lesson learn.

The nonstop celebrities news just turned Edison as a common guy with camera. At least morally he was fine.

The header and footer editor is not ready in WordPress 5.9 yet. Beta is bad, and usually it doesn’t improve on the release. Just so you know, WordPress is trying to catch-up with SquareSpace/WIX/Showit, not the other way round. Since it’s develop from ground-up, it will take times, a lot of time, so users get used to it instead of improved from there on.

I have the urge to watch all the movies on the list. It’s not a good idea to subscribe to Netflix.