When you have a really big ego, every mistake, every laziness are another responding person fault. Being responsive is bad sometimes.

Break the thing down into pieces that you can handle one-by-one. Why keep complicate stuff? You’re not really that smart to handle really complex things, so calm down and stop thinking too much.

It’s weird seeing those used to be bully sharing not to bully video, it’s even weirder seeing those gangster sharing it. You’re not even close to preach about bullying issue, you guys started a lot of it and still do when you see those you bullied before. So please, stop it. Karma is coming to your children, with or without the sharing.

WordPress usual import/export tools works better than Elementor import/export kit. WordPress export and import everything on the site. If you’re serious about changing domain/backup, go with WordPress usual route, everything in Elementor will be imported just as Elementor import/export kit does. Elementor just package a very nice name that do pages and its own templates only.

Get a good hosting service, remove the unused, complex plugins are the both most basic and essential WordPress tips.

WordPress beta 5.9

Can’t do much on this builder. Why not just use the common Gutenberg editor with the help of widgets instead? Widgets are so useful, yet when it comes to header and footer, it’s limited.