Yes, get some organization or government to monitor and filter through the “decentralized” crypto to make sure there is no scam. 👍

Stop the QR code scanning to order. Give me the menu, pencil and paper, I don’t really need you to be around like QR code, but I would prefer to confirm my order is faster than waiting for my 4G.

Wake up and go into another dimension seems nice, but we are going cartoon?

Most people don’t lie, they just don’t tell the whole picture. Simple as that. “I paid my taxes”, but are those full tax or after creative accounted tax? “I have a car”, but you may have a boat. “That’s all I have”, in Malaysia only.

You can say whatever you want, you can promise to make this country like Japan, fight like US army, free like Finland. I’m not buying one bit, I’m expecting the exact same services after the election, nothing going to change. Calm your tits people.

The router just went death at midnight. Bought a new mid-range router immediately the morning and brought the old one for warranty. Well, lucky it was a 3 years local warranty. But this new router seems fine too, maybe home use really don’t need such high-end spec router.

“Save money before you buy” lesson is like “look left and right before crossing the road” nowadays, nobody do it. Personal loan and credit card are giving away like candy by the banks and people snatching it like no tomorrow. There is no financial planning anymore eh?