Not going to buy anything from Dyson, the tower fan itself is way too difficult to maintain. No, vacuum from the outside doesn’t help one bit. A normal fan would be fine. I’m skipping the Dyson vacuum.

The most scary type of people are those who are ignorant and have big ego. Avoid as much as possible, “ignorant” is a better word for “idiot” if you’re wondering.

Stop reading those biography book shit. It’s written or thought by themselves, we all tend to glorify ourselves.

The Matrix Resurrections

Bad subtitle, and a bad movie. It’s like they’re trying to squeeze something out of nothing. I will keep my mind that Matrix is a trilogy and not more than that.

When you have a really big ego, every mistake, every laziness are another responding person fault. Being responsive is bad sometimes.

Break the thing down into pieces that you can handle one-by-one. Why keep complicate stuff? You’re not really that smart to handle really complex things, so calm down and stop thinking too much.

It’s weird seeing those used to be bully sharing not to bully video, it’s even weirder seeing those gangster sharing it. You’re not even close to preach about bullying issue, you guys started a lot of it and still do when you see those you bullied before. So please, stop it. Karma is coming to your children, with or without the sharing.