WordPress is a product built for mass market, hence it will load a lot of stuff even if the resources aren’t used by your website. So by default, you cannot really get 100% score on web metric site. However, adding plugins will also bring down the score too. It’s just egg and chicken situation, relax a bit on metric, get a score that pass like in high school but built your content instead.

I can definitely understand it takes a lot of time and trial, error just to create documentation for one product. However, majority layman don’t care about documentation, they just don’t read, even thought their Facebook page keep sharing about the benefit of reading. Oh ya, email just skim over.

After changing a med-high premium modem, the Internet seems to be much better. These mesh stuff are just gimmick to get you pay more, a normal house will not need mesh, a good modem will do.

Not going to buy anything from Dyson, the tower fan itself is way too difficult to maintain. No, vacuum from the outside doesn’t help one bit. A normal fan would be fine. I’m skipping the Dyson vacuum.

The most scary type of people are those who are ignorant and have big ego. Avoid as much as possible, “ignorant” is a better word for “idiot” if you’re wondering.

Stop reading those biography book shit. It’s written or thought by themselves, we all tend to glorify ourselves.

The Matrix Resurrections

Bad subtitle, and a bad movie. It’s like they’re trying to squeeze something out of nothing. I will keep my mind that Matrix is a trilogy and not more than that.