All banks need to improve their mobile app. They all advocate mobile app so much yet developed the worst mobile app. Not only loading an issue (yes all banks mobile app), all banking apps comes with very complicated navigation. Everything need to tap into menu/quick links (or whatever the fancy name they giving). Just why? Why can’t things be straight forward…

If you are using a good hosting and yet your site score very low, then optimize it. WordPress needs a lot of optimization, no one plugin fit all host.

Boy don’t test me, you little shit head. By this situation you hide faster than a mouse running away from cat.

There is a reason some online business don’t want to join marketplace (beside the percentage cut). They get to hold the money and plan away with their schedule. A marketplace actually discipline the seller to work on time. Never pre-order anything anymore.

I don’t really see how a theme can speed up a website. There are a lot of aspects to look into a website speed, a theme itself don’t really make a lot of different.

It’s really hard to find a responsible person. I can’t help by leveling people now. That’s the reality.

Property investment is a very risky investment. Property price has been stagnant for a while now, so it’s not looking good. Renting will give you the worst experience you’ll ever have. People rent house to get a place to sleep, not to take care of where they’re staying.