Don’t ask me why I bought such cheap earbud, I don’t spend money like that or time to replace the battery. I just get another one instantly once this one break down or lost.

Life require one to be vigilant on surrounding. Now just outside, we still have inside to take care of, such as water leaking and electricity tripping from time to time, or even the one grape roll under the cabinet corner. Fuck, water leaking costed me RM200 buck, there!

Not sure if the statistic is believable. But my opinion is: 1, the economy is fully opened, there is really no urgency on having a website up and keep running it, go out meet your clients. This is the least worry though. 2, too many WYSIWYG services available, WordPress has not done good job on Gutenberg editor yet. 3, pricing is too high in (without a WYSIWYG editor to that) for beginner.

Bully is a global issue. Every country, every cities, every office, every class has this issue. It is only when things went viral or a life taken, every agencies will rush to it. Isn’t it too late?

Installing bunch of software and change a wallpaper doesn’t make your PC minimalist. It’s digital trash backyard.

Apple can collect your info but Google can’t. You can use Apple ecosystem, while you must be able to use others on Google. The moment you register on any website, it’s the moment you give out whatever information you gave. The moment your machine is on the Internet, every move is on the system and Internet. Who cares Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc…

“World Class America Standard” the sentence that make my eyes itch.