My email to SOCAR, here is the break down of the event.

Day 1: I wanted to register to SOCAR app, but it just doesn’t upload my identification. So I gave up, I emailed the support (after some search, I went to Facebook, because nothing is working) to get my account removed.

Day 2: Received a follow-up automation email regarding whatever it is the first email. The unsubscribe link doesn’t work, it loop back to my email. So again, I contact the support to get myself removed from their newsletter.

Day 14: Another automation email came. I was pissed, I clicked the unsubscribe link, it work this time. I contact the support again to confirm and get myself out of them.

I understand there will be some hiccup especially on email marketing, but removing an email shouldn’t be that hard to do.

It seems like I’m with government agency. Everything is harder and time consuming with them.