Some times it’s not only appropriate to act as your age, but it is important to act as the current situation as well.

It’s not driving mood/mode now

I know it may be hard to stay at home although I don’t understand, I can agree with your feeling. Currently, it’s in movement restriction order, you’re not supposed to go for a spin in your car. Go to where you should and go home.

It’s not usual shopping hour

Because it’s movement restriction order and not a lockdown, so we get to go out and get the essential. It’s not the time to think about what to buy in the store. Make a list before you come out, pick up, make payment and go home.

The right thing to do now is, make a list and plan your drive. Go, get, pay, home. Just because there is no traffic on the road, you take your time, nobody should be spending a lot of time on the road or in a store.

Quote me this: When the army is on the road, traffic will build up because of these idiots.