Relax about Gutenberg

I tried to find some issue that I may face with Gutenberg, especially the launching date is drawing near. What I found was… Nothing.

Yes, you get a lot of search result from Google, but those are way technical for the majority of WordPress end-users. The irony is that these majority WordPress end-users are the one that freaks out instead of developers.

Here is the real issue, Gutenberg doesn’t alter your theme or content in any way, the great things about Gutenberg is it included “Classic” editor, and this editor going to house your current content before updating to Gutenberg.

Gutenberg already takes care of your existing content, so there is really nothing at all to worry about if you are simply an end-users. Only developers such as theme or plugins that needed some adjustment.

If you find an issue with your theme and Gutenberg content, well, simply add the “Classic” editor block and you’re back on track.