So the election is very very near now, I do not want to get involved into the politic in Malaysia, because it’s all about name-calling and some half and untrue news. Really, go do some research on all the news you see on Facebook or any news media, you will get a bigger picture than […]

Election means we all living in a better World, where everyone suddenly become so considerate. Everyone is talking about how taking the step to save the country or even our children and grandchildren. I mean, we can’t even give way when driving in a junction. We all go with “I go first, you go whatever” […]

So it comes again, migrating and start fresh again for my blog. It’s been numerous time I restart my blog, this domain name has been with me for the longest time. From college to now a family with a kid. Registered in 2004. I migrated to Tumblr couple years back, thinking I can get a […]