The number of rooms you’re looking for dictate how large the property going to be. Don’t give a very low budget while looking for a number of room.

Either my 1920×1080 screen is super, or the effect nowadays are just suck ass. Why is Hollywood going China effort now?

Sarawak is a little state living in their very own bubble. There are so many exciting news and development plans (which I am very proud of it it come true), but nothing to show, yet Sarawak keep saying they are the best state.

First, they build a group of loyal audiences, then they play it all well for the audiences to follow, then destroy it with profit. That’s billionaires game, not you and my game, keep out.

The very first thing to prove you’re going digital is to have an email address, a permanent email address. Don’t tell me you don’t know what is email or you do not have a permanent email address, it’s just bullshit. You can create as many email addresses as you want, but you’ll need to have one, the golden one, permanent one that you will refer back to everything else. So shut your bullshit about you do not have permanent email address.

Why Malaysia not ready for EV yet? 1- Traffic jam going to drain your battery out, fast. 2- Daily charging the car at home, really? 3- Mana charging station when you need one? 4- Each trip took hours, want to add another hour just for charging? 5- What kind of pricing we have for those EV? The cheapest I can see so far is RM200+K, how many can afford? How much for the battery replacement? Being nature (or anything for that matter) sensitive is expensive. EV, heh.

Most student don’t pass history class too, so yeah, it will be just another movie for most people.