Social media posts or news ruin one life, we all can agree with that. This trial trying to say it doesn’t, where the hell are those justice warriors?

I know you’re adventurous, but if you are in short of time, get professional helps. Always get professional helps if you are running out of time or not skilled enough. You can be as adventurous as you want if you have the time to play around, if not, go with professional help.

You have no problem writing different type of programming languages, but you have a hard time using another operating system. That’s some bullshit.

Highway jam because driver keep changing lane to the fastest lane. Roundabout jam because no driver know how to use roundabout. Minor road jam because driver looking for parking space and looking at their phone. Junction jam because every driver want to go first. School area jam because every parent want their kid to be sent directly in front of the gate. In short, it’s the selfishness that causes majority of traffic jam, this is something unteachable and unavoidable.

You can’t keep saying make-up covering everything. Do you ever see real people getting beat up and what happen the next day? Or the whole week after that.

Don’t ask me why I bought such cheap earbud, I don’t spend money like that or time to replace the battery. I just get another one instantly once this one break down or lost.

Life require one to be vigilant on surrounding. Now just outside, we still have inside to take care of, such as water leaking and electricity tripping from time to time, or even the one grape roll under the cabinet corner. Fuck, water leaking costed me RM200 buck, there!