So, you don’t like tenant in the community because they act like shit, yet you request for a unit for your friend to be tenant here? You don’t like AirBnB operating on the unit in the community, yet you request to have a short stays for your family? Well, only when things benefit you that you change your thought.

Bro, if a domestic flight ticket is more than RM1000 return per person, it’s still consider very expensive (ironically for a budget airline). So don’t go out and say you will fight for lowering the ticket price just for a RM100 reduction that still cost RM1000. We all know businesses runs government, this shit happen in all countries.

You keep talking about B40, you forgot about the M40. Policy like this won’t work. You are going to migrate the M group to the B group and you’re going to get more heavier responsibilities on B group.

Now everyone mum about all the campaign speeches on how corrupt the other party is and yet working together now, as long as one person is the Prime Minister. Next up? Drop corruption cases, appoint politicians to GLC, then direct negotiation project etc etc, nothing going to change.

Society are full of people scrambling word around to make themselves look good and other look bad. The point of having an agreement is to make sure both parties do what is agreed upon, not talk about it. You keep talking about agreement but do otherwise, what’s the point then? Don’t point at me, I’m following the agreement to the T, in fact, consulted with a lawyer.

Although it’s very messy to setup, but a laptop cooler is a must for every laptop, it doesn’t matter how it was advertised.

I’ve been living here for 10+ years, I see no reason to go back hometown to vote. I’m changing my address to vote here instead. I’m curious those who wants to go back to vote, why? You’re not going to be there anyway, you’ll only benefit from where you live, not where you from.