When vacation with work

There are times when vacation with work is fun. But this time it isn’t. No, don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy myself very much on this vacation period, it is the working time that I don’t enjoy. I always work while vacationing, so it’s not a bummer for me, in fact, it gives me […]

Spending fortune for touch up

That’s the reality of being Malaysian. We all ended up paying, fixing more than we should be. The reason the quality of service is so damn lousy is not that the provider having the issue with skills, but the issue with their attitude. Here is my personal story of this touch-up and ended up spending […]

I think I smell bullsh*t

Yup, that’s what I’m facing every day for months. Now, this guy came out telling me to be more patient and cool. It’s not exactly a good job from what I see here. Let me see if I can let you smell the bullsh*t. First of all, you are the local Councilor in this community/area. […]

Chinese New Year

Well this is one of the hectic Chinese New Year I’ve ever been, or so. I think rebel teenage year would be much more hectic, but now, I do not have the stamina for such trips and days for holidays. Yes, it is just a holiday for an adult. First, we went to Phuket for […]

Everything is offensive nowadays

Yes, everything is offensive. Every single word is offensive as well. Nowadays, people learning too many words and putting too much emotion on wording. Try those common swear word, or any swear words and everyone getting offended. I grew up in a household that speaks swear word. As you know, these words are enhancing wording […]