Everything is offensive nowadays

Yes, everything is offensive. Every single word is offensive as well. Nowadays, people learning too many words and putting too much emotion on wording. Try those common swear word, or any swear words and everyone getting offended. I grew up in a household that speaks swear word. As you know, these words are enhancing wording […]

Having an online shop isn’t always easy

Yup, we all heard the story about how digital nomad was cool and work everywhere, anywhere, any time and of course every time. It sounds cool when one can work at Starbucks, but it’s not that cool if you think about it from another perspective. First of all, there is no holiday. I already forgot […]

Retire young

At least this video is honest. Save, save, save and more save to have enough for retirement, and if you’re lucky and “hardworking”, you eventually get to retire younger. One more thing in the video, the compound interest thingy. Used to be very technical financial word for me until I learn more about it, make […]

Death sentence?

Matt Botsford I would agree to have the death sentence to stays instead of removed. One of the reasons people don’t go outside killing other people is the punishment you get after the action. Punishment of holding up oneself inside a cell for a number of years with food, healthy activity and community (abide possible […]

Sounded financial

It’s actually very easy: Buy what you can afford and need. Everyone has something (or a lot of things) that you don’t need or have never used in the last 6 months, go into the storeroom and throw them away. There are many things that you probably don’t need nowadays. I mean a watch? Really? […]