I have the urge to watch all the movies on the list. It’s not a good idea to subscribe to Netflix.

Petaling Street business way/ethic is now on the online business. You ask, you buy.

I think there will be MCO 4.0 after this, why? Because people are still stupid.

All we have to do now is to “don’t go out if not necessary”. I don’t need a list of what can be done and what cannot be done, because I understand that statement.

Meaning stays at home and go out for food and emergency. You don’t need a list of what to do and what not to do. Your mom don’t teach you with a list when she said: “stay there”.

Instead, there are people asking if it is ok to go to another district mall and if there is any police blocking the way there.

We have a mall here in our own district, these malls have almost similar stores. Unless you are going there to work (which you’d have the letter, so the question is not valid), just go to your own district mall. When shit happen, then it is the government fault for not curbing enough, not strict enough, it’s never about these idiot insisting to go around.

These are the people who are going to write a long post on Facebook and Instagram when they catch the virus. Telling you it’s not a game and how to avoid it and trying to be a hero giving warning to the people on Earth.

I am sick and tired of all these articles. You choose to go to the mall and hang out with your friends, and you get the virus now rest in peace. Smart people don’t need your heroic (more like stupidity statement) articles.

Why is this cannot open? Why is that cannot open? Why I can’t visit? Why can’t I eat together with my parent? It’s all this kind of questions on the internet and chatting group. People are expecting to go back to normal and every stores and restaurant are open, everyone happily together gathering.

It’s not happening.

It’s not about what MCO is, or what did the government must do and must not do. It’s about the covid virus. Put your priority right, and point to the right target to talk about.

Even if those stores are legally open, it doesn’t mean you have to sit there and enjoy yourself. It’s not the time yet, you know it, so shut up.

Please burn covid virus into your mind and do the necessary, not to blame the government, the movement control the management just because something is not open just for you.

The necessary thing we all need to do is to stay home, go do your grocery quickly (there is a thing call note for you to note what to buy, so don’t scroll around the market) and go home. We all need to do this for a couple of months or year for now.

You do not need MCO or government to tell you what to do anymore with all the information regarding the virus. So stop being a mommy’s boy and shut the fuck up.

I have been having unstable Internet from Maxis home fibre broadband for a month now, since the day CMCO started, the connection is very very unstable. It’s also the time everyone in the house needs the Internet.

Every time a report has been filed, the connect came back. Then technician called, but it’s resolve within second as I did not have the issue on the time technician calls.

Such a procedure just keeps looping, and the issue is always there and I have to stick with such an issue.

Maxis have done their job by calling me, the issue resolved by itself, MCMC cannot do anything, and I will have to stick with such Internet.

This happens to all broadband in Malaysia. They can give you the lousiest service they can as long as they tied you up with their contract. You can’t get to them, even MCMC also can’t get them, this is the grey area.

Instead of keep promising the nation that the government going to speed up the broadband, it would be better the government promise no-contract base when subscribing the service, this way it opens up a more competitive market.

So the MCO (or CMCO or whatever it is) is back again. Although not as tightly control as before. When this happen one necessity is the Internet.

Literally everything is Internet connected. Work, entertainment, study and purchasing.

Maxis home fibre speedtest

This is the speed I got once the movement control started. I need to work so I need Internet, our home entertainment is mostly from Internet, and kid is now having virtual classes. Basically the time we need Internet the most.

I subscribed for 100mbps, this is the speed I get instead. I really wonder how all the statistic done, with Maxis on top nonetheless.