The first easy step to reduce traffic jam is to change your job to be as near you as possible. We have a lot of townships bottleneck to highways. Everyone leaving to the highway, hence everywhere is traffic, going out. If we all live where we work, it reduce the outgoing traffic, smooth the bottleneck traffic and highway becomes a highway.

So does that means I don’t need to write anymore? Hmmm…

Build a flyover will not change the traffic, it just shift the traffic to another location. It’s the 1: Population control and 2: Drivers attitude. When you have not one, but a few large development completed with people moving in, and nobody want to give way and cut ques like no tomorrow, you will always have traffic issue.

Checked the green traffic stuff with TNB, I will get 3% increase on the bill. It’s not cheap to go green. These “green” and “health” thing is costing a lot, something is wrong here.

If we follow what we’re doing now, we will kill the Earth then the human race will go extinct, right? If this whole process is actually a natural selection and will run by itself, why are we trying to fix it? Earth will come back itself, no question, but the organism will be renewed. Personally I don’t think we can fix it.