Some times it’s not only appropriate to act as your age, but it is important to act as the current situation as well. It’s not driving mood/mode now I know it may be hard to stay at home although I don’t understand, I can agree with your feeling. Currently, it’s in movement restriction order, you’re […]

Whatever the name is, it’s all comes to one thing – Stay home. It’s just as simple as that, nothing more. When there is nothing to do, stay home instead of walk around the mall. This is something so simple that one should have been doing it already. Why is there to wait for the […]

My email to SOCAR, here is the break down of the event. Day 1: I wanted to register to SOCAR app, but it just doesn’t upload my identification. So I gave up, I emailed the support (after some search, I went to Facebook, because nothing is working) to get my account removed. Day 2: Received […]

I’m not a car enthusiast, as long as it has wheels and cover me on a rainy day, getting me from point A to point B, I’m good. The car I’m driving is about 7 years old now. I’m not planning to change any time soon, but I do bring up the changing car topic […]

So we went to the exhibition the other weekend. Not really that interesting for my liking. I mean a few items from the movies and that’s all. I don’t like the human figures there, as it is nothing like the real person/thing. Also, one thing bugs me a lot is the way it exhibits – […]

It’s so easy to be a decent human being, just turn/scroll/click away. I don’t know why there are people even take the extra miles to do something to show how indecent they are. A gentleman took the time to download the car cam video and upload to Facebook ranting another driver for not using signal […]

I’m fine if you want to discuss something with me. But when you refused to open up with whatever you have and keep asking me questions after questions, then it is not a discussion, it is accusation or interrogation. If you are ready to have a discussion regarding your issue, go ahead, but let me […]