I think there will be MCO 4.0 after this, why? Because people are still stupid. All we have to do now is to “don’t go out if not necessary”. I don’t need a list of what can be done and what cannot be done, because I understand that statement. Meaning stays at home and go […]

Why is this cannot open? Why is that cannot open? Why I can’t visit? Why can’t I eat together with my parent? It’s all this kind of questions on the internet and chatting group. People are expecting to go back to normal and every stores and restaurant are open, everyone happily together gathering. It’s not […]

I have been having unstable Internet from Maxis home fibre broadband for a month now, since the day CMCO started, the connection is very very unstable. It’s also the time everyone in the house needs the Internet. Every time a report has been filed, the connect came back. Then technician called, but it’s resolve within […]

So the MCO (or CMCO or whatever it is) is back again. Although not as tightly control as before. When this happen one necessity is the Internet. Literally everything is Internet connected. Work, entertainment, study and purchasing. This is the speed I got once the movement control started. I need to work so I need […]

That’s right, people are dicks. Which lend me to choose my current lifestyle and keep social interaction to a minimum. It’s not like I’m keeping myself caged though, I just prefer to silently look at the scene instead of being in the scene. You see, I do have some WhatsApp group, and some investment-related one. […]

The large corporates or services that get the most users usually have the most dissatisfied users. Internet for example. I paid for 100mbps, called for support and get the Internet back on. However, there is this little catch – frequent disconnection and unstable connection. It doesn’t matter which ISP I sign up with, they all […]

Suddenly it becomes something so useful, doesn’t it? I have been trying to go online meeting for years as I don’t like meetings, it’s a waste of time when there are more than 3 decision-making persons in a room. I remember back then there is a client who kept asking for meeting almost every day. […]