It’s so easy to be a decent human being, just turn/scroll/click away. I don’t know why there are people even take the extra miles to do something to show how indecent they are.

A gentleman took the time to download the car cam video and upload to Facebook ranting another driver for not using signal light. Like this doesn’t happen everywhere every time.

A lady took the time to go to Facebook complaint about a newsletter she received instead of click on the unsubscribe link. I mean if you did not subscribe to the newsletter, it won’t send to you for no reason.

A gentleman took 15 minutes complaint about the slippery floor when he casually walked by and slightly slipped (not fall) over the floor, instead of just turn and continue walking.

Everyone encounters some shitty things every day of every moment. Yours are not that special and also, how much attention you actually want from a petty encounters?