How I started to get dissapointed with MyTeksi app

So there was a hoo-haa about this newly mobile app that helps Malaysian to get taxi easier and faster. I’m not sure if that is accurate. I do give it a test a few times in total, I love testing and giving anything and anyone a chance to prove the thing they wanted to prove.

At first, My Teksi did give me a taxi, but with a distance count. Meaning with some distance and the budget was well above RM30. I didn’t take that note at first, as I believe it is just some coincidence. So I give it another try the next time.

This time, I go to somewhere (I forgot), 5 times of searching for a taxi, no taxi willing to take me. So I tip them RM2 (yes I am cheap, or I won’t be using this would I?), well, a taxi took me, yeah!

Issue 1: The only different between a phone call taxi and My Teksi, is actually the medium. When you call a taxi, mostly they won’t take you until you tip them. Exactly the same, just that with My Teksi you don’t call, you tap. Perhaps you save a few ringgit for the phone call.

Let’s just come back to my issue here. My issue is to made the most budget trip from my house to airport (LCCT). The most economic way is to arrive at Putra Sentral, and from there I can take the high speed train with a bus directly to the airport. So my idea was to “tap” a taxi from my house to Putra Sentral. The budget shows somewhere RM20. Great!

No taxi willing to take me unless I direct to airpot from my house with a budget high up to RM80. I normally get only RM65 to the airport from my house.

Issue 2: Over priced app. Worst case when I tried to complaint about it, they called me and literally tell me you saw the budget, you approve it, you pay it! But my issue is why is it over price.

So overall, My Teksi app actually is just the same old thing that can’t help me to get taxi even in a remote area too (which is why the creation of My Teksi app if you follow the story).

My first impression was that My Teksi app is a personal home taxi counter, like the one you saw in airport or mall. Where you key in the location, they give you a price and walao a taxi is coming. But no… There is absolutely no market price for location to location, worst still, taxi still choose to pick you up or not.

Surprise toy set from wife.. #lego

Surprise toy set from wife.. #lego

Chicken it is…

Chicken it is…

Owl shop… #owl

Owl shop… #owl

Startup? Really?

Recently I find Malaysian likes to talk about “startup”, starting this and starting that. I’m thrill with all the big ideas, but I doubt with what people are giving me though. Maybe I just have a different idea of “startup”, since this is quite a subjective word, just like “design”.

I’ve been following Make The Pitch for a month now. I have yet to see any really big idea from the contestants. Online booking, online shop, online directory, online everything, but I like the waterless car wash though :P But do check it to learn more about business model and etc etc part which we often missed out because it is really boring.

"Startup" has been so overused that an e-Commerce site selling "Korea" clothing is a big idea too. This just tells me how important "status" is in this society. When you have a "startup" you’re an "entrepreneur, get the connection?

My idea of “entrepreneur” is a risk taker, a “startup” is a new business or product idea. Being online shop is not something new doesn’t matter what products you’re selling, and it is definitely not risk taking at all.

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