Going church on a Sunday?

So I have missed hmm…. 100 last Sunday to attend a church sermon. I wish I could attend again. Erm… Not again, I mean I wish I could attend whenever I want and just skip it anytime I want without being questions.

I stop going to church after a person tried to guilt me into attending church. It is both embarrasing and insult to me. I grew up in a Catholic family and attending churches since I’m a kid, and we go through Catholic, Methodist, Mormon, Jehovah Witnesses and you name it, let me tell you what I thought about church after all these years.

First thing, all the founder of church is so damn rich. I mean why? Running away from paying tax and keeping all these money in the pocket while guilt those attendees into paying you money in a weekly basis? Not something I’m interested on. Tell me Jesus never ask us to GIVE UP EVERYTHING we have and follow him, and as a founder of a church, they are the pioneer of the follower, and you get the drift.

I know a lot of church founders are living comfortably in a million ringgit bungalow while those attendees barely make end meet giving their 10% every month on weekly basis.

Secondly, people only thought about God on Sunday, and I have been thanking Him every morning I opened my eyes for I am alive and I have whatever I have with me. I don’t purposely spend 2 hours with Him to show you. I spend with Him in my own room. Tell me Jesus never ask us to pray in dark room. So you people who question why I never spend 2 hours with Him, why not ask yourself why you never say thank God I’m alive, but please help me for I am in trouble shit?

I hate those people in the church like to question me instead of caring of me (I’m not too craze with caring, but it is just something church should show though). They start a conversation with “Hey, it’s been a long time! Where have you been?”, this is a trick question. They expect either
1, I lie about my schedule in church to have the guilt in me for lying in church;
2, I be honest and tell them I stays at home and start question why the hell am I a lazy ass.

This is the exact sentence that stopping me from attending any church, and even if I attend, I will excuse myself once the sermon is over and never go networking, least I know those who like to ask this question.

In short, I want to attend church whenever I want without being questioned and don’t ever question my relationship with God. Until some churches know how to respect an attendee, I think I will rather stays at home even if I wanted to attend one.

It is a choice of information

Whenever a person asked me where I work, I normally be quite honest and tell them I work at home, some who is really really stranger (like a impromptu saleman) I will just tell them I work at the area.

Anyway, when people started to know that I work at home, they started to question my (limited) knowledge. Like how I know new people, how I know the new gossip and etc. I find it both funny and confused with the questions.

In this century, information has been flowing like air we breathe, never in history we can get so much information flowing around the one place - Internet. So how do I get information is depend on what I choose to have in my mind, much like the person who asked the same question.

Let’s take an example: I go to a car shows, I’m not a car lover, but I love car design a lot! So when I step into the car show, I will either check out the car models or the car design. I will not check into the V8 engine or the 300 horse power, I am not interested on those and I am definitely don’t care about those, so these information will not stays in my mind.

I may shows that I have limited knowledge to a certain aspect of life, things, incident and etc. That is purely that, I am lack of knowledge of those. And if you have the knowledge, it doesn’t mean that you can take me as a limited knowledge (or an idiot) person. I do not post to have the knowledge you have, much like how I don’t expect you know everything I know.

Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create and manifest.
— Frederick Bailes (via itsquoted)

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Short Penang trip on recently :)

Short Penang trip on recently :)

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